The Guild offers cooperation in the following areas of healthcare.



1. Construction of the main building for the purposes and tasks of the radiological center on a turn-key basis.

2. Equipment or reconstruction of the existing premises under the branch of radiation diagnostics.

3. RFP supplies and after-sales service.

Objectives: Provision of medical units with mono-, bi-and multimodal diagnostic images in necessary and sufficient volume to the time required for medical units, the educational and methodological center.


• CT with the possibility of stereotaxic puncture and systems for interventional imaging;

• PET / CT technology;

• MRI with the ability to carry out stereotactic puncture and interventions study;

• Angiograph with the possibility of tomosynthesis;

• HR X-Ray machine;

• Full-field Mammography Machine with the possibility of combined breast examination and stereotaxic puncture;

• Expert ultrasound machine;

• InfraRed Thermal Imaging Systems with software for searching for oncological and other diseases.


1. Construction of a laboratory and a clinic with equipment.

2. Equipping the existing premises for a cell therapy laboratory.

3. Training and service.


1. Construction of the clinic with equipment.

2. Equipping the existing premises for the clinic.

3. Training of specialists, exchange of experience.

To organize meetings and visit to a cancer clinic, we ask you to clarify the issues that You are interested in.

It could be treatment technics, diagnostics, various nosologies, training of specialists, etc. The Guild is ready to arrange a meeting with the leading experts with a visit to a clinic.

It is also possible to study questions on gerontology, medical tourism, endocrinology, dentistry and other medical fields.